Football & Cheer

Welcome all you Panthers!!

The Panthers football & cheer program are supported by CAPCA. 

CAPCA Participates in the South King County Jr. football and Cheer League. CAYA Panthers season runs from August 1st to November 6. Link to the current schedule here.

Practice is at Judkins Park from 5:00pm – 7:00pm Monday – Friday.

The ages for participation are as follows: 
Peewees Age 6 
Sweetpeas Age 7-8
 Bantams Age 9 – 10
 Juniors Age 11 – 12
 Seniors Age 13 – 15 
Cheerleading Age 6 – 15 

Our Rosters are capped at 30 children per football team and 40 for Cheer to insure that all participants receive adequate instructional and playing time. 

Early Registration $100.00 (April – July) 
Regular Registration $130.00 for the first child $85.00 for each addition living in the same household (must provide proof). (August)
Uniform Deposit $50.00 per child. Uniform deposit will be returned at the end of the season.

For questions and or concerns please contact us at or 203-312-1845

The Central Area Parents and Coaches Association is a junior football and cheerleading franchise based in the Central District of Seattle, WA that has been in existence since 1996. CAPCA is a 501c3 non-profit organization ran by volunteers whose funding relies on donations, and fundraisers. CAPCA serves as an athletic outlet for over 240 youth boys, and girls each and every football season.

Our Organizations purpose is to provide a safe place for student athletes from 6 – 14 years of age who have a desire to participate in football and cheerleading. As an organization catering to inner city youth our program teaches the fundamentals of football and cheer while promoting education disciple, team work and building self-esteem. Our hope is to make a difference in these young men and ladies, our future leader’s lives. The benefit we get is knowing that we are giving young boys and girls of all social and economic backgrounds the opportunity to learn lessons of self-worth, character, fair play, sportsman ship, discipline, team spirit, hard work and unity.

Lets go Panthers!

Tutoring / Education 
CAPCA works with Central Area Youth Association better known as CAYA to provide tutoring and educational needs to all children. If you are interested in any educational program please contact CAYA directly at (206) 322-6640.