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Dear Community and Friends,

I found him crying alone on the playground, more out of embarrassment than anything else. I put my hand on his shoulder and asked what was wrong. He said, “I failed my math test. Unless I pass the next text, I am off the football team.” I told him it was okay and we were here to help.

That was two years ago. Marcus benefited from afternoon tutoring from myself and dedicated volunteers. By the end of four weeks he had mastered division and multiplications. He is now able to do multiplication by hand and memory. It made a big difference when he took the next test, passing it easily. Marcus now eagerly embraces math and tutors others in need of help.

This is what excites me and keeps me coming to Central Area Youth Association (CAYA) every day!

This year we served 2,030 children between the ages of six – eighteen, 150 played football, 50 cheered, 98 boys played baseball and 40 girls played softball, 40 kids participated in the summer program and 1,652 kids participated in our after school academic enrichment program.

We are proud of what we have accomplished this year, with a small staff and numerous dedicated volunteers, who offer their talents and skills to coach, teach, train, cook, clean, provide accounting services and see to our IT needs.

We never turn a child away, but this does come with a price. We keep the cost of participating in our programs low. Registration is $50 per child. However, the real cost to us is $160.00 per youth served.

Your help is needed. To keep cost low and to provide scholarships, CAYA asks for your support of $50, (what we charge) or $160 (the real cost of services) to help us keep the doors opened to all children in need enabling them to benefit from our services and activities.

This has been an especially difficult time for many of the children who attend CAYA. 70% of the kids we serve come from families living in poverty. Their parents struggle to meet their basic needs. They cannot afford to pay the annual registration fee of $50 that provides afterschool tutoring pays football, baseball and softball fees and assist with the purchase of uniforms for kids who play sports and for those who choose to cheer.

We have accomplished much this past year including this past weekend. CAYA’s cheer squad won the annual PNW Cheer Championship.

However, as we strive to raise the annual $300,000 we need to operate and to help support all of the vital programs we offer for youth at our facility, please note many live in poverty, lack family support and need remedial education assistance, something we gladly provide whether they can pay or not.

Everyday kids are safe, learning new skills, making friends, and getting help on their homework and participating in team sports.

Our mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, caring citizens through academic success, team sports and community participation.

We welcome your contribution at any level and all gifts or donations will help struggling families.

You can make a difference in the lives of the young people we serve through your gift and/or donation to CAYA. A simple donation can translate into a gift that will have a substantial and profound impact on the lives of the 2,030 children and youth we are serving in the community. Feel free to drop off any gift items to us at CAYA. All donations and gifts are tax-deductible and will support the work of CAYA.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Marcus’ self-esteem rose when he was able to pass his math exams.

Joe Staton Executive Director CAYA

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All donations to CAYA go to achieve the organizations mission to facilitate the positive development of youth for the benefit of youth, their families, and the community by fostering and promoting the value of education, through sponsorship of academics, life skills, cultural arts, and athletic programs. These programs focus on the development and growth of individual character, responsibility, and group interaction for at-risk youth.

Thank you for your support!