CAYA Programs

– Programs Currently at CAYA


After school  homework help  in the areas of math, writing and spelling. We have found that mastering these basics skill areas is a great boost in the classroom. Students are matched up with volunteers who have strength in the area of the students’ needs.  Some resources we’ve used for tutoring are: University of Washington, Seattle Central Community College, Seattle University, YMCA, First AME church,  Mt Zion church,  AALF and local community  volunteers.

Customer Service Training/Job readiness

This training is done on a one-on-one bases  for students who are ready and old enough to work.  Teaching customer service skills, how to interview, how to complete and application and help in writing resumes. When a student desires to probe areas for their future in education and/or  jobs, we research and utilize our community relationship to identify a matches for them, that will enhance their knowledge in areas of interest to help them make more sound decisions when deciding which direction they’ll, go in furthering their education plans.   This match can happen a number of ways; a personal meeting, job shadowing, hands on experience or maybe a job.

Etiquette Training

Training is centered around everyday interactions that a student may encounter, for example, how to handle being in a complete service restaurant, respectfulness in a classroom, processing anger in a group settings and basic courtesies.

Mentorship/Life Coaching

We believe we have a responsibility to help assist our youth with life’s challenges that will surely come. We teach them how to cope and manage significant emotional events that occur in their life, so that they may continue to prosper. We know they need healthy minds, bodies, hearts and souls in order to do so. We are here to listen to them and their families, and if necessary provide culturally competent and relevant solutions, resources and/or information that are available to them within our community. Life is a journey and each one has their own template. We are here to help and assist them in that journey and help them understand to always remain true to themselves,and accountable to their families and community.

Veterans services

Partnering with Veterans Military Association to provide housing, office space, resources, such as computer lab, exercise room, and other activities for veterans.

Summer Leadership and Education Camp

Enhancement and readiness for the new school year in the areas of focusing and concentration through unique projects .  This included work in math, reading, writing spelling, history and educational games and activities. Kids ages 5 -13 years old.


Through professional artists the students learn new and different ways of artistic expression through the arts; dance, music, art, spoken word, and other forms of creativity.

Sports & Cheer

CD Panthers Youth Football Program

Ages 6 to 14.

After School Programs

Homework café, Computer Lab, Mentoring, Tutoring, College Prep, Job Shadowing, and Job Readiness.

Summer School Program

Partnering with Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center to provide Academic Enrichment, Field Trips, and Outdoor Activities for kids ages 6 -15 years old.

We are partnering with the Veterans Military Association to provide housing, office space, resources, such as computer lab, exercise room, and other activities for veterans.

– Fundraising Activities

CAYA Kitchen

We serve healthy meals and snacks during the hours of our After School Homework and Tutoring Cafe. Coming soon; Our Let’s Get Healthy Cooking, Eating, and Moving Program! We will be serving our community and providing instruction by professional chefs and teaching our community how to prepare healthy meals that are affordable. We will also provide instruction on how to purchase healthy and organic food, and how to cultivate and grow their own vegetables and an herb garden.


Develop websites, Apps, Gaming, and Barcode Technology for use on all operation systems.

Talent Shows

CAYA will host local Talent shows for kids’ in middle school through high school.


CAYA is actively pursuing all grant opportunities to help in support our organization, it’s mission and programs so that we may continue to serve our youth, their families, and our community.