CAYA is hosting After School Program at Smilow Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club

CAYA is hosting free after school homework help and one on one tutoring at the Smilow Rainier Vista Beach Boys and Girls Club.

Enrollment is open until School ends 2018.

Please keep in mind:
School week (M-Thursday):
1. Three days maximum of tutoring/one on one
2. 1.5 hours maximum per day
3. No more than 6 hours per week

1. By Request
2. 2 hours maximum per day
3. No more than 6 hours per week

What is provided?
One on One Tutoring:
• Instructional program and curriculum
• Student learning plan development and implementation
• Student academic achievement with pre/post tests and assessment data
• Parent/guardian and district communication on student progress
• In addition, Districts serving as Supplemental Education Services (SES) may have additional components specific to their program

Next steps? Sign up!!

Download Application

And then parents will receive a letter from their school district. Parents must also need to contact their child’s school during the enrollment period (open 2018) and sign them up for “After School Program”

Please call us if you have any questions! 206.322.6640