Try out the Homework Cafe

The Homework Cafe consists of a reserved quiet space for students along with a computer lab to get
homework completed, with tutors available to assist the students. The Cafe is open, Monday through
Thursday, 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Forms are below- just fill out and send or drop off to CAYA. The forms are due by Oct. 10
and can either be emailed or dropped off.

So what happens at the Homework and Tutoring Cafe?

Programs include:


Once a week all students of all ages are given a writing assignment. Children are given essays to write
between 50-100+ words. Examples of questions: 1) Describe a perfect day for you. 2) If you were the
President for one day what things would you change/fix to make the world a better place for everybody?
3) If you were a teacher what are some rules you’d have for your classroom?

These assignments and essays help students become more aware of current events while improving their
abilities to translate their thoughts into words. And most of all, become excellent, skilled and confident


An excellent group of tutors, volunteers and mentors with excellent math skills are here to help to assist
and tutor students in math (while making it fun!). We identify where students are in math and make sure
to design a program fit for them.

This part of the program will help students to not only learn and master basic math but enjoy the field of
mathematics so that they look forward to learning more difficult subjects.


Students select 2-3 books on subjects that interest them. Tutors and students read together (both read)
and discuss the books. Vocabulary is a big part (ties in with our spelling program). Students are taught
techniques for reading more smoothly (includes grammar rules).

This will help students gain confidence to read out loud in class and also to enjoy reading. Many of our
students enjoy reading the books before watching the movies based off of them!


Distribute weekly list of spelling words for students to study, which prepares them for spelling tests and
spelling competition. Students also write definitions of words. Word selection for spelling tests come
from various sources.

This helps students increase their vocabulary, learn to pronounce words correctly and gain confidence
in their spelling powers!


Once a week a professional artist comes in with a prepared art project that has appeal for all ages,
even CAYA staff participate!

This can help students recognize their creative abilities and open up their imagination.

•Some projects that were done:
– Rock paper weights
– Mural (on paper) which now hangs on our wall
– Wallets made out of empty caprisun packets.

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