CAYA Panthers!

The CAYA Panthers football season is in full-swing! After practicing for two hours a day, for five days a week since August, Panthers aged six to fifteen are out in the city for the 2012 season squaring off against the Rainier White Ravens, Seatac Sharks, Rainier Beach Vikings, Renton Rangers, Kent Cobras, Green River Ravens and Rainier Eagles.

Friends, family and community members watching from the sidelines are watching history in the making, if the past is a guide. Many famous football players have come through the ranks of CAYA teams. To name just one, NFL running back Corey Dillon, a Franklin High School graduate, played for CAYA teams. We went on to play for the University of Washington, the Cincinnati Bengals, and winning the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots. With the discipline, skills and determination of current Panthers, any number of CAYA footballers could be next!

Thanks to our friends at Central Area Parents and Coaches Association (CAPCA) for partnering with us in our football program! The CAPCA is a junior football and cheerleading franchise based in the Central District of Seattle, WA that has been in existence since 1996. CAPCA is a 501c3 non-profit organization ran by volunteers whose funding relies on donations, and fundraisers. CAPCA serves as an athletic outlet for over 240 youth boys, and girls each and every football season.

For a full schedule of Panther games and their locations, click here.